Applying quality standards in all our day-to-day activities

We are committed to providing high-quality, reliable testing services for patients. Since 2014 we have implemented the medical laboratories Quality Management System ISO 15189:2012, working with the Mérieux Foundation.

What we mean by quality

What goes into providing Quality Medical Laboratory services? At CILM, it includes generating reliable, on-time patient test reports using the appropriate technologies; meeting internal standards thanks to committed and competent staff; and carefully following all laboratory policies and procedures, including by ensuring the necessary level of documentation. In our day-to-day operations, we seek to provide a safe environment for all staff and patients.

CILM Laos laboratory


Our activities include:

  • Implementation of yearly planning of quality activities
  • Annual audits/assessments by internal organizations, as well as external audits
  • Conducting annual risk assessments, customer satisfaction surveys, and management reviews
  • Staff competency assessments and training as needed, as well as refresher safety training
  • Yearly lab equipment calibration

We also participate in the Annual External Quality Assessment (EQA) program for HIV Viral Load Testing, HBV Viral Load Testing, HCV Viral Load Testing, HBV Serology Testing and HIV Drug Resistant Testing.

We ensure the security of patient information management systems, samples systems, and laboratory entrance systems.

CILM Laos laboratory


CILM received ISO15189:2012 and ISO15190:2020 accreditation for HBV Viral Load & Xpert MTB/RIF on Sputum specimen testing. Credited Number: 4224/62

Download ISO15189:2012 certificate

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