About the CILM

Affiliated with the Ministry of Health of Laos, our centre was founded in 2009 to provide laboratory testing and promote research and training activities.

Thanks to our outstanding Lao staff and researchers, with the support of the Mérieux Foundation, we are active in the fight against infectious diseases in Laos.

Who we are

The Centre d’Infectiologie Christophe Mérieux of Laos (CILM) was established in 2009 to serve public health. Today, it is integrated into the Lao public health infrastructure under the guidance of the Lao Ministry of Health.


Our origins date back to 2005. At the time, the country had no clinical biology facilities, which represented a genuine public health concern, since it is essential for patients have access to reliable, quality diagnostics so that they can receive effective treatment.

Following a visit by the Lao Minister of Health to France, Dr. Christophe Mérieux decided to address the pressing need for diagnostic laboratories. His determination and the continuous support of the Foundation have contributed the successful development of the Centre.

CILM and the Fondation Mérieux (an independent family foundation in France) are separate entities, with distinct identities.

CILM Laos conference room

What we do

  • Research: we develop scientific research programs in Laos in partnership with various scientific and medical institutions.
  • Laboratory testing: we carry out specialized molecular biological analyses in line with nationwide programs to fight infectious diseases.
  • Quality results: we are committed to delivering high-quality, reliable test results for all patients in compliance with international and ISO standards while providing a safe environment for all staff and patients.
  • Training for health professionals: we work with partners at public hospital labs, the University of Health Sciences, and IFMT to provide training for health professionals.
CILM Laos building inside corridor

Team & strategy

A permanent staff of 12 people are employed by the Centre. Each year, the Strategic Orientation Council brings together members from the Ministry of Health, the Mérieux Foundation, and international public health institutions. The purpose of this annual meeting is to define the Centre’s development strategy in response to the country’s healthcare needs.

What makes us unique

Affiliated with the Ministry of Health and located on the grounds of the University campus, the CILM offers an exceptional setting for high-quality applied research in the field of infectious diseases. It is a focal point for the advancement of knowledge as well as training health professionals, alongside our core activities to provide essential laboratory analyses and improve access to diagnostics for patients.