The Center of Infectiology Lao Christophe Mérieux conducts research and provides laboratory testing services. In addition, our team of doctors is available to give advice via phone or mobile applications.

Download the list of CILM research projects 2010-2017

Research programmes

Our research programmes have a triple focus: HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and other respiratory infections.


We organize a programme on chronic diarrhoea in patients infected with HIV/AIDS in Lao PDR (sponsors: Université Claude-Bernard Lyon 1 - UMR 145 IRD, the Mérieux Foundation).


Our TB programme focuses on:

  • Microscopic diagnosis of M. Tuberculosis
  • Identification of mycobacterium other than tuberculosis
  • Studies of drug-resistance (sponsor: Global Fund, GABRIEL Network)

Respiratory infections

We conduct research on other respiratory infections besides TB, taking part in an international, multi-centre project known as "CoPanFlu Laos," the Cohorts for Pandemic Influenza (sponsors: EHESP, the Mérieux Foundation).

Laboratory analyses

We provide a range of laboratory analyses for the monitoring of infectious diseases. Our lab performs routine diagnostic testing in these disease areas:

  • Hepatitis
  • TB


We perform a range of laboratory analyses: (1) RNA HIV for follow-up of HIV patients on ARV treatment; (2) early infant diagnosis (DNA viral load on DBS); and (3) ARV drug resistance genotype testing:

HIV viral load

HIV viral load testing should be performed once a year for patients on antiretroviral (ARV) treatment and may be indicated as a baseline assessment for naïve patients.

HIV early infant diagnosis

This test is indicated for infants born to women infected with HIV, in order to determine whether the new-born has been infected. If a first sample tests positive, a second specimen must be tested in order to confirm HIV diagnosis.

HIV drug resistance

This test is indicated for patients diagnosed with HIV who have been treated with ARV drugs but continue to exhibit a detectable HIV viral load. This test can also be requested for naïve patients prior the initiation of ARV treatment to confirm wild-type HIV virus infection, and to ensure they are not exhibiting any primary drug resistance.

Hepatitis B and C

For Hepatitis B (HBV), lab analyses include DNA HBV viral load, as well as serology markers Ag HBs, Anti HBc, Anti HBs & HBe Ag/Ab.

For Hepatitis C (HCV), we provide RNA HCV viral load testing.

Hepatitis B viral load

This test is indicated for patients diagnosed with HBV to monitor their treatment. It is used to detect HBV levels in the bloodstream and provide an assessment of viral replication.

HBV serology markers

This series of tests provides additional information about HBV infection and an indication of the patient’s HBV status (current or past infection, immunization yes/no, prognosis).

HCV viral load

This test is indicated for patients with HCV who are being monitored and/or treated for their infection. It detects HCV levels in the bloodstream and provides an assessment of viral replication.

For HBV and HCV viral load testing, we analyse samples from Lao P.D.R. hospitals and clinics. We also train clinicians in how to interpret results.


We perform testing to detect M. Tuberculosis resistance to rifampicin (RR) as well as resistance of M. tuberculosis to antibiotics.


This test is indicated for patients with suspected M. Tuberculosis infection, in order to detect M. Tuberculosis-rifampicin resistance.

Culture, molecular testing

Line Probe Assay (LiPA): Hain Test to detect resistance of M. tuberculosis to antibiotics.