A laboratory at the cutting edge of molecular biology

Headed by Dr Phimpha Paboriboune, MD, MSc, the Rodolphe Mérieux laboratory is a 120 m2 laboratory with two Biosafety Level -2 + (BSL 2), one ISO8 dust control room for solution preparation and one room for result analysis. It also includes a room for amplification of nucleic acids (PCR and Real-Time PCR) and gel analysis.

We strongly strive to meet the needs in infectious diseases diagnosis. Therefore, our investigations focus on 3 lines of work: HIV/ opportunistic diseases/ hepatitis, tuberculosis and respiratory diseases.

Today, we hold the leadership for the development of molecular resistance tests and of bacteria culture in the diagnosis of tuberculosis allowing clinicians to better tailor patient treatment. We also carry out specialized analyses such as HIV viral loads in collaboration with the national program CHAS (Centre for HIV / AIDS and Sexual transmitted diseases). We are currently developing HBV, HCV viral loads.

The Rodolphe Mérieux laboratory is part of the GABRIEL (Global Approach for Biological Research on Infectious Epidemics in Low income countries) network. GABRIEL’s aim is to provide support to its members in developing countries in their research projects on infectious diseases through an extensive exchange of ideas, procedures, data and experience in biosafety, biomathematics, bioethics, project management and grant applications.

Opening hours for reception of blood sample (HIV, HBV, HCV)
Mon-Fri: 9:00 am to 12:00 pm / 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm
Closed on week ends