Our research activities focus on 3 programmes:


Chronic diarrhea in patients infected with HIV / AIDS in Lao PDR; (Sponsor: Université Claude-Bernard Lyon 1 - UMR 145 IRD, Fondation Mérieux)


Study of drug-resistances, Mycobacterium other than tuberculosis identification and microscopic diagnosis of M. Tuberculosis; (Sponsor: Global Fund, GABRIEL Network)

Respiratory Infections

CoPanFlu Laos: International multicenter project « Cohorts for Pandemic Influenza »; (Sponsor: EHESP, Fondation Mérieux)


Our laboratory also offers a range of specialized analyses for the monitoring of infectious diseases. The routine activities include:


  • RNA HIV viral loads
  • Drugs Resistance Testing
  • Early Infant Diagnosis
  • Programme under the supervision of the CHAS (Centre for HIV / AIDS and Sexual transmitted diseases). Collaboration with Institut Pasteur of Cambodia, WHO, ESTHER and Global Fund.
  • Training of clinicians for results interpretation (treatment follow-up).

HBV, HCV viral loads

  • Analysis of samples from hospitals and clinics of Lao P.D.R
  • Training of clinicians for results interpretation

HBV Marker (Ag HBe, Ab HBe,Ag HBs, Ab HBs, Ab HBc)